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Hiya, I’m Chloe! I’m one of the junior stylists here at Serenity Loves. I joined the Serenity team at the start of September 2018 after I had finished school. So it was my first ever job, which can be pretty scary and can make you feel a little intimidated especially in the industry I had chosen, however Serenity Loves seemed different to a lot of hair salons. The girls were all so kind, funny and caring which made it easy for me to fit in with the team so quickly, I felt welcome and that I belonged there.

I have always had a passion for hair, ever since I was younger. My mums friend is a hairdresser so whenever I was out with them she would always teach me new things. I loved learning how to French and dutch plait! I also bought a styling head so that I could keep practising the things she had taught me. Let’s just say it was pretty obvious I was going to become a hairdresser.

I’m currently training to complete my level 2 hairdressing qualification and I will then go onto training for my level 3. I am always needing hair models for my training and assessments, so always keep a look out for posts on our social media asking for models.

One of my favourite things to do in the salon would probably be cutting! I am currently quite new to cutting so at the moment I’m only doing basic cuts. I enjoy cutting off large amounts of hair and making my clients hair feel and look fresh and healthy. I also enjoy doing full head colours and blow drys with a wavy finish.

What I love most about Serenity Loves is definitely the team! All of the girls and Gabs are so loving and are just amazing people to be around. Everyone is willing to help me out with my training, giving me advise and teaching me new techniques and different styles etc. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of their support.

Since working here I have grown so much more confidence both within myself and my work. The salon has such a happy, bubbly atmosphere and I just love working here. The girls are all a massive part of my life and I’ve truly found some long term friends. We are all like a little family! And I’m just so lucky to be a part of such an amazing team.