Hey everyone, it’s Emma here and I am a graduate stylist. I have had the joy of working for Serenity Loves for over 3 years now and what a great 3 years it’s been!!

I worked in IT before and knew I had to give that up to follow my passion for hair, I had no qualifications in hairdressing and knew it would be difficult to find somewhere that would take me on as I was older than the average apprentice. When I was interviewed at Serenity Loves, I desperately wanted to get the role as I had read a lot about the salon. I was over the moon when they gave me the position and worked so hard to complete my level 2 hairdressing. I am in the middle of my level 3 and cannot wait to learn some more.

I love our team, it’s like a family at work! I don’t feel like work is a chore and enjoy being part of the Serenity family!

I have loved meeting all our clients and making them feel amazing about their hair, I have even made some friendships along the way. I look forward to progressing and meeting more new clients.

Lots of love,