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Hello everyone,
My name is Amanda, and I work as a beauty therapist at Serenity Loves Salon. I started to work here just after my graduation from Peterborough Regional College, where I received my level 2 and level 3 qualifications for beauty therapy. I have been in the salon since 2019.
I love all aspects of beauty, but my favourite treatments to do are massages, facials and eyebrow shaping, as these treatments allow me to see how clients become relaxed, less stressed and happier afterwards.
I always keep myself up to date with the latest trends and new training so I can pass on my knowledge to our clients. I enjoy trying new ideas, improving my skills with new trainings, and researching information related to beauty treatments.
When I am not working at the Serenity Loves salon, in my free time, I like reading, but most of all, writing.
I’m always looking forward to meeting new and returning clients here at Serenity Loves.