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Hello, My name is Chantelle, I have been hairdressing for at least 13 years now, and I am fully qualified NVQ level 3.

Since becoming a hairdresser, I have worked within 2 salons over long periods of time. I have been with Serenity Loves for just over 7 years now and since working here at Serenity Loves not only have I been promoted from stylist to senior stylist and now a master stylist, I have also learnt so much and still learning in every day to day work life.

I have attended training courses with our colour specialists ASP Affinage, and undertaken training in styling and different techniques which have all allowed me to improve my technical hairdressing skills.

At Serenity I have not just done courses in hairdressing I also had the opportunity to complete a Level 2 NVQ course in customer service that helps me give the best service I can every day to all my clients.

My favourite thing to do in hairdressing is colouring, anything from your everyday 6-8 weeks everyday colouring services to the bright creative colours (brighter the better). As a hairdresser I have changed my own hair colour more than you could imagine… from bright colours to natural colours and everything in between, it’s a great perk to being a hairdresser that works at a multi award winning hairdressers, right?

Keep a look out on our social media for my work as I love to hear what you all think of it.

I am excited to see all the new things within the hairdressing industry as you can imagine it’s such a big market for growth and new trends, and seeing where I can progress in the future here at Serenity Loves.