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Celebrate Your Child’s Milestone with a Memorable First Haircut at Our Peterborough Salon!

Are you looking for the perfect place to mark your child’s very first haircut? Look no further than Serenity Loves in the heart of Peterborough! We understand that the first haircut is a significant milestone for both parents and children. Our experienced hairdressers are here to make this experience as smooth, enjoyable, and memorable as possible.

Expert Hairdressers for Your Little One

At Serenity Loves, our team of dedicated hairdressers have undergone specialized training to ensure that your child’s first haircut is a delightful experience. We recognize that children can be apprehensive about getting their hair cut for the first time, which is why our staff is known for their remarkable patience and child-friendly approach. Your child’s comfort and happiness are our top priorities, making it a salon visit they’ll cherish.

A Unique Space Just for Kids

We’ve designed a special separate room within our salon that’s exclusively dedicated to children. Decorated with vibrant colours, playful themes, and cheerful designs, it’s a space where your child can feel relaxed and excited about their haircut. Our goal is to create an environment that distracts them from any anxiety and allows them to embrace the experience of having their first haircut with joy.

Imaginative Seating Options

One of the standout features at our salon is the hairdressing cars specially created for children. These fun, miniature vehicles are perfect for your little one to sit in during their haircut. It’s not just a haircut; it’s an adventure! Your child can choose their favorite car and enjoy the ride while our skilled hairdressers work their magic cutting your child’s hair for the very first time.

A World of Play and Learning

We understand that every child is unique. That’s why we provide an array of toys and books to cater to a variety of interests. From classic toys to educational books, we have something to keep every child engaged. We’re also proud to offer toys designed for children with special educational needs (SEN), ensuring that every child feels welcome and comfortable during their visit.

Making a First Haircut a Positive Experience

We know that the first haircut can be a worrisome time for both parents and children. To make the experience smoother and more enjoyable, here are some helpful tips:
Child's First Haircut Peterborough

Try to schedule the appointment at a time when your child is well-rested and in a good mood. Avoid times when they are typically hungry or tired.

Feel free to bring your child’s favourite toy, blanket, or pacifier. Having something familiar can provide a sense of security during the haircut.

Speak positively about the haircut in the days leading up to the appointment. Explain that it’s a fun and special experience.

Your presence and reassurance can do wonders. Sit or stand with your child during the haircut to offer comfort and support.

Our salon provides a stimulating environment with toys and activities, but feel free to bring a tablet or electronic device if it helps keep your child distracted and content.

Commemorate the Day 🎉

To make this experience even more memorable, every child who gets their first haircut at Serenity Loves will receive a beautifully framed certificate. This certificate is a delightful keepsake to remember the special moment when they took their first step towards becoming a kid 
Along with the certificate, you’ll also receive an organza bag to store a lock of your child’s hair as a precious memento of their first haircut!

Why Choose Serenity Loves for Your Child's First Haircut?


Our highly trained hairdressers are experts at handling children's hair and ensuring a pleasant experience.


We are committed to making your child's first haircut a cherished memory for both you and your little one.


We have toys and activities suitable all children, including those with special educational needs.

Child-Friendly Environment

Our salon's separate kids' room, imaginative seating, and a vast selection of toys and books create a welcoming atmosphere.

Commemorative Certificate & Bag

We offer a beautifully framed certificate and a keepsake bag for a lock of your child's hair to remember this milestone.

Book Your Child's First Haircut Today

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your child’s first haircut a joyful and memorable experience. Contact Serenity Loves in Peterborough today to schedule an appointment. Our team of patient, skilled hairdressers is ready to welcome you and your little one to our child-friendly salon. Together, we’ll create beautiful memories and ensure that your child’s first haircut is a positive and exciting step in their growing-up journey.

Join us in celebrating this special milestone at Serenity Loves in Peterborough. Book an appointment today and make your child's first haircut an unforgettable moment filled with laughter, smiles, and cherished memories!