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Hiya, my name is Ella I’m a junior stylist at Serenity Loves. I started working here as an apprentice in September 2023, just after I had finished school. I’m doing my level 2 apprenticeship, and this is my first job.
I’m currently doing full head of colours, wash and blow dry, and special occasions. I’m looking forward to learning more, such as how to do highlights and cuts. I’m also looking forward to building a client base, receiving regular clients and getting to know everyone.
I’ve always had an interest in hairdressing, ever since I was little. I grew up with family members being hairdressers, and I’ve always done family and friends hair for fun.
I love the creative aspect of hairdressing and how every hairstyle will always be different. Hair can be a big part of someone and their personality, especially when it comes to self-confidence, and to know that I can help people feel better about themselves means a lot to me.
I’m currently doing level 2, and hopefully once I’ve passed level 2, I’ll move onto level 3 so that I can be more experienced, have a wider range of what I can do, and build a bigger client base.
As I am training, I will need models, so make sure to look out for posts on our social media platforms.
I hope to see you all in the salon soon.