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Here at Serenity Loves, training the upcoming generation of hairstylists is something we’re proud to do! Our student stylists really enjoy honing their craft and moulding their skills to perfect their technique. Working on real clients and real hair is essential for their careers and experiences in the beauty world! This allows them to really get to grips with what salon culture is like whilst practising to deliver a service that is up to Serenity Loves standard.

Similar to a normal salon appointment, you will be kept updated every step of the way. We understand that receiving a service from a trainee can be nerve-wracking, but with the oversight of more qualified and experienced members of staff, our student stylists want to perform to the best of their abilities.

Enjoy a discounted service provided by a student stylist under the guidance of a qualified supervisor! After application, a member of staff will be in touch to schedule your appointment and take a small deposit (cost depending on your chosen service). Models are reminded that this is a learning environment for our student stylists to practice important skills and techniques so your patience and understanding is much appreciated.