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*Please Note: Our Creche is currently closed due to current restrictions. We are planning to announce on our emails and social media pages when we re-open!*


You’re an amazing mother and we want you to stay that way so we created a special place that your little ones can flourish in and you enjoy the best possible beauty treatments! As parents ourselves, we understand your need for relaxation without worry.

Our on-site supervised play room is the perfect place to leave your little ones. They will be cared for as you would care for them yourself in a fun, stimulating and educational environment. Our carers are all qualified, CRB registered professionals, carefully chosen by us, for your piece of mind. We realise that you may still wish to keep your eye on your little ones – even when they’re receiving the best possible care. With this in mind we came up with a solution to help you relax more and ensure your experience with us even better…

At Serenity Loves you can choose to watch your little ones as they play – our high definition display screen ensures this is possible so you’ll have total peace of mind and be able to relax and enjoy your treatments with us.

The playroom caters for children from six weeks to 16 years, with relevant equipment to reflect this. From cars and trains to prams and dolls. For older children we have a computer console and games. Your little treasures will be enjoying a fun filled, exciting time while you have a well deserved relaxing time. The perfect combination if you ask us! We encourage that the playroom is booked at the same time that you book your hair and/or beauty treatment.

Personal, Social and
Emotional Development

Your child won’t always be the only child in the playroom, this will benefit your child giving them the opportunity to help them make relationships with other children, playing alongside them, communicating during play in turn helping them build their self-confidence. They will also begin to learn how to manage their own feelings and behaviour, learning how to resolve problems/situations e.g. reacting calmly if a child takes a toy from them, learning to share toys and resources by taking turns when playing games.

Communication and
Language Development

The Playroom will also help your younger child develop their speech, having the Practitioner talk to them at their level and hearing other children talking around them. Playing music and singing with your child can help improve their language progression and understanding. Songs that encourage hand movements, facial expressions and the use of musical instruments can reinforce the lyrics. Reading with your child will also help increase your child’s vocabulary and help focus on their listening and attention skills.

Physical Development

With the variety of activities we provide your child will benefit in their physical development, gaining control over their bodies. Some of the activities that include this are; creative play — messy play and exploring Medias and textures using different parts of the body e.g. hands and feet. Making marks — learning how to hold a pen, gaining control over the pen when making marks. Scissors — children can develop good eye-hand coordination using scissors and understanding what they are used for.



That’s right, there’s no need to worry about what you do with your children when you visit a Serenity Loves salon – our very own playroom onsite is supervised by a fully-qualified, CRB checked child care professional. So whilst you relax into your treatments, your child is under a watchful eye in an educational and stimulating environment. You can even see them play from our in-salon screen!

We know you’ll love the unique experience you can only get with Serenity Loves – Peterborough’s most talked about hair and beauty salon.