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Hi, I’m Priya, a junior hair stylist at Serenity Loves since June 2021. Iam a certified level 3 hair dressing and barber. I had completed my qualification during this pandemic period, aiming to groom myself in this challenging industry to gain more confidence and hearts of clients.

I have been learning this art since 2018 and I’m still on it as I see the industry is keep growing and so never stopped my learning. The more it evolves with the variety of hair styles, colour themes and designs that I come across every day in my life makes me so exciting and gives a Wow moment every time. And yes, this is what driving me to gain the expertise and become a master of what I’m doing.

Serenity Loves, as an organisation that encourages passionate and talented stylists that gives opportunities for new faces like me shows the confidence that they have on me and have given a platform to showcase my skills here.

When it comes to workplace, yes, people would love to work in such an environment as it’s so active and energetic all the time. My friendly colleagues are another most important reason who runs this place and makes it lively.