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Keratin Treatments in Peterborough

At our Peterborough salon, we offer keratin treatments to help you repair your hair and get your sexy back. Let’s take a look at what keratin actually is, and how these treatments can transform your locks!

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What is keratin?

Keratin is essentially a protein that makes up for skin, nails and hair. It’s actually a protein that protects the hair and makes it less prone to breakage and damage. Hair dying can strip your hair of its keratin and make your locks dry – that’s why these treatments can be very beneficial, especially after a fresh dye or colour.

The protein works by smoothing the cells that form your hair strands, and is absorbed by your hair cuticles which can create a fuller and healthier look.

It doesn’t necessarily just come in hair treatments, but you can also get keratin shampoos and conditioners, as well as serums and even supplements! 

What are the benefits of a keratin treatment?

These treatments can be very beneficial for your hair, however it does depend on the condition of your hair, for example how healthy it is or how thick your hair is.

  • Smooth, healthy hair

Like I said earlier, keratin smooths out cells that overlap. This allows for hair that’s easier to manage and control and gives your hair a healthier appearance. As a bonus, it sometimes reduces the appearance of split ends by bonding the hairs back together, however this is temporary.

  • Hair is easier to manage

For those of you with very thick or frizzy hair, these treatments can make your hair much more manageable. Additionally, it allows you to use less heat when styling your hair as keratin helps your hair dry quicker, which can promote stronger hair.

  • Promotes hair growth

Since keratin strengthens your hair and adds moisture, it promotes hair growth since your hair is less dry and brittle, therefore less likely to snap off.

  • Results are long-lasting

A keratin treatment can actually last up to six months! Crazy right? This is all under the condition that you don’t wash your hair too much and take care of the treatment. It’s recommended that twice a week (maybe three times if needed) is plenty and should be fine for a long-lasting treatment.

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We also offer beauty treatments such as nails, eyebrows and lashes, as well as  massages and sunbeds!

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