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Looking for a nail salon in Peterborough?

Here at our hair, beauty and nail salon in Peterborough, we offer a range of different services to give you the nails you deserve, to help you get your sexy back. Summer is finally here! So why not come and get your summer nails done by Amanda here at our Peterborough salon? Take a look at some of our favourite nails for some inspiration.  

Summer Sunkist Set.

Amanda took her time to take off the old acrylic set to save clients natural nails underneath. She did a dry manicure to prevent lifting of the set followed by tip application. Amanda used “purely pink” acrylic powder and gel colour with some nail art to finish the look.

Pink and yellow nails done at our Peterborough salon

Polished and Pink!

Aren’t these builder gel extensions just gorgeous?

Amanda performed dry manicure and this time of using a tip to extend the length she used nail form to do the extension for the client followed by french gel polish to keep nails soft but still with some character.

And aren’t they a beautiful set? They just completely compliments clients tanned skin.

Pink nails with a white tip done at our Peterborough salon

Beachy, Bright and Beautiful.

Look at these bright pink June nails!!! Amanda performed dry cuticle tidying to prevent gel of lifting followed by iBd gel “she’s blushing ” gel colour application and it looks gorgeous!

Bright pink manicure done at our Peterborough salon

Delicate Daisies.

Another beautiful acrylic extensions done by Amanda!

She did full set acrylic, by doing dry manicure followed by tip application, sheer pink acrylic buildup and yellow french gel colour It just screams “SUMMER” don’t you think so?

Yellow acrylic nails done at our Peterborough salon

Perfect, Peachy and Beachy!

This was Amanda’a first official client for full set of acrylic extensions!

She did dry manicure followed buy the tip application, build the acrylic base and gel colour on top , and just look at them – they look amazing !!! 

Peach acrylic extensions done at our Peterborough salon

Want to get the perfect summer set?

Come and get your nails done at our Peterborough salon! We offer both manicures and pedicures so both your hands and feet can look fresh for summer. Take a look at our beauty services to find something suitable for you!

You can either book in by calling 01733 687 835 , or use our online booking service to pick the best date and time for you.