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Need a hairdresser for your kids?

We’re here to help! At our Peterborough salon Serenity Loves, we offer kids cuts for children of all ages.

We know that for some kids, haircuts can seem quite daunting. So we do everything we can to help your children feel safe and comfortable in our salon so they start to enjoy their haircuts.

Why might my kids feel scared of getting their haircut?

One of the biggest fears for kids (or anyone for that matter!) is the fear of the unknown. So it could be that your children are a bit nervous to go somewhere new if they haven’t been before. Or maybe their first couple experiences at a hairdressers wasn’t the best. But at our Peterborough salon, we’re dedicated to making sure your children feel safe, comfortable and happy throughout their experience with us.

Maybe the clippers make them nervous? For some kids it can be quite scary to have that buzzing sound right in their ear. But actually it’s much safer than scissors! We can help reassure them that clippers are safe by taking it slow or even brushing the clippers over their hand so they can see they won’t be hurt.

Your kids haircuts could be scary for the parents too!

It’s perfectly understandable if you’re nervous about your kids haircut, especially if it’s their first one. But rest assured we do everything we can to make the experience as enjoyable and safe as possible. We will even get you a cuppa on the go whilst you wait!

Yellow Mini Car for Kids Cuts in Peterborough

Why choose Serenity Loves?

At our Peterborough salon, Serenity Loves, many of our stylists have experience in kids haircuts and we know how to interact with your kids to help them feel as comfortable as possible.

If you haven’t been in before, you may not have seen our little yellow Mini! Your children can get their haircut in here to help distract them. It helps to create a more familiar and child friendly environment for your children, as salons can seem quite big and scary to some!

Also, we’re happy to provide a biscuit or lollypop to help calm your children’s nerves. If they don’t need one during the haircut, they can have one after as a well done!

Through our experience, we’ve found that taking your kids to the same hairdressers each time will help them feel more safe and comfortable. This is because they’re able to recognise the environment and the people around them each time. So, it’s definitely worth sticking with one hair salon.

How can I book in at your Peterborough salon?

If you want to bring your kids for a haircut with us, we would be happy to help! You can book in by calling 01733 687835, or you can use our online booking service if that’s easier for you! If you need to take a look at our price list, you can find that here.