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At Serenity Loves, we have a sunbed available for people to use to top up their tan!


The Sunbed.

The sunbed is available every day of the week for clients over the age of 18+. When signing up you must have your ID with you.

We do our sunbed minutes in 3min intervals, and you can
use up to 12mins at one time. This is great for a light, even glow!

We do however recommend when you first start out
to start off with the lowest minutes and work your way up gradually. This ensures you get used to using the machine first and work up your lovely tan!

Our packages are great for those who want a stunning and even tan without going into the sun – a rarity we see in the UK!


But is there a product that can help with the sunbed?


Yes!! We do offer bottle of tanning accelerator to help with your tan whilst using the sunbed. Some
do have a slight tint in them and others do not so please be wary of which one you need.  Some do have a slight tingling sensation with
them but this is nothing to be alarmed about! Ask the employee at reception about the pro tan bottles and which product would be best for you whilst signing up.


Is it expensive?


Not at all – we’ve made sure you get the best out of the prices. Here at Serenity loves, we offer packages to help you save in the long run.

Single min- £1 each
60mins- £32
120mins- £50
Unlimited Monthly usage- £45


You can only use these once a day, not multiple times as this can cause damage by overuse.

For more information, please feel free to contact Serenity Loves on 01733 687835



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