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Before every service, we always do consultations. This is to see if you’d like a cut or colouring service, a blow dry, or styling service. But here you will find out more in depth why?

What are consultations?

Here at Serenity loves,  consultations are a short 15min to 30min chat with are stylist regarding your hair and what you are wanting to achieve. That can be from colour service or a just styling. This is when we get to know how your hair is, what hair type you are and what products or colours we would need to use. We can also determine what will suit you and how the end result will look.

So, what happened in a colour consultation?

When booking in for a colour the employee on the phone will ask you to come in for consultation. This will be 48 hours to 5 days before the time you would like to book in. This consultation appointment is completely free and will be booked in with one of our highly trained stylists.

During the consultation, the stylist will find out the condition of your hair. As well as whether it has been coloured before, what you have been colouring your hair with and if you have any allergies. This will also be where you will talk through what you are wanting to achieve and if can be done or not. Once you and the stylist have the same idea of what you are wanting, this is when the stylist will skin test you with the colours she will be using to achieve the look you are wanting. The stylist will also take a strand test to see the condition of your hair or to see if the desired colour will work on your hair. When your consultation is done, the stylist will book you in for the correct service.

So why do we need a consultation on other services?

Stylist always do a mini consultation before a cutting service, to ensure you are both on the right page. If consultations never happened you could be walking out with something you didn’t want. This is why the stylist like to have a small chat with you before hand! To see what you would like to achieve and if you have any allergies. This also helps the stylist determine what shampoo will be used if you are having it washed.

This also goes for the styling services. If you came in for a curly blow dry and you did have a chat with your stylist, you could walk out with a straight blow dry. Its just so you and your stylist end up with the result that you are looking for.


If you would like to book in for a free consultation call 01733 687835

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