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One of our most asked questions is ‘why do hairdressers use foil?’ so here are the answers:

Without the amazing discovery of foil, our lives at Serenity Loves would be so much harder. Hairdressers use foil for a number of reasons, so let’s get started. 

  1. Foil enables us to be more precise and creative with our colour placement during the colour service. 
  2. During the developing process, the foil helps retain heat. This allows the bleach to lift better and more evenly throughout the lifting process. 
  3. When doing highlights the foil keeps colours separated and acts as a shield so the colours do not seep or transfer on to one another or on the natural uncoloured hair.
  4. The foil also ensures the colours are kept moist, preventing colours from drying out, therefore resulting in even colour development.


We mainly use foil for highlighting services, balayage or any service that requires a multi tonal result.

Easi meche highlights

But foil is not the only resource that can be used for these services. You may have seen other salons use easi meche. Easi meche is similar to foil but has a clear front allowing your stylist to see the development process, especially with it being bleach, seeing how light it goes without open the packet.

However, we do not use these in Serenity Loves for highlights, we do use them for strand tests that we take on a consultation.

(Easi meche highlights developing)


Cap highlights

Modern Highlights were developed in the early 1900’s. During this time period caps were first used. With this method the cap is applied to the head and strands are pulled through the various holes in the cap.

Causing slight discomfort during the capping process, foils seemed to be a more gentle approach to achieve a similar process. Highlights were very monochromatic and not natural looking during the 1980’s, we then saw a trend in a explosion in highlights. This is when foils are first introduced into the mainstream. With foils, people were able to place highlights wherever they wanted.

(cap highlighting process)


For any enquiries on colours or a highlighting service, please contact 01733 687835 or click here for our online booking system and book in for a free consultation and skin test with one of our stylist.

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