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What is balayage?

Balayage is incredibly popular in our Peterborough based salon. Balayage is essentially a highlighting technique/style where the stylist ‘sweeps’ and hand paints the colour directly onto your hair. It can be done with or without foils, but we tend to use foils at Serenity Loves. It creates much more natural highlights in your hair with a nicely blended colour.

The colour tends to be a few shades lighter than the natural colour of your roots, which adds depth and dimension – making your hair look brighter and healthier. 

Balayage can take a lot more thought and creativity from the stylist! It’s a very popular style, due to it’s low maintenance and less need for regular touch ups. Whilst the price may be slightly higher than other colourings, it saves money in the long run. Rather than coming back to the salon every 6-8 weeks, you could probably leave 12 weeks between visits.

What are the benefits of balayage in our Peterborough salon?

  • It gives your hair more natural looking highlights

Balayage gives you the highlights that you want, but in a much more natural fashion. Since the colours are added randomly and closer to the root, the new colour blends in much better to your natural hair colour.

  • It adds depth and dimension

Balayage adds lots of depth and dimension to your hair. This makes your hair look a lot healthier and fresh. It’s especially helpful if your hair tends to go quite flat, since it gives the appearance of thicker hair that’s full of life!

  • It can be done on any colour hair

The highlighting style can be done on any colour hair. This opens up the possibility of balayage to pretty much everyone, no matter what colour your hair. The stylists just needs to choose a colour a few shades lighter than your natural colour.

  • It works for any hair length

Balayage can be done on pretty much any hair length – it’s extremely versatile. Something like an ombre is much harder to do on shorter locks, since that style is more based around the ends of your hair. But balayage can be done even on your short bob.

  • It requires less frequent retouches 

Since balayage creates a much more natural look, the need for regular touch ups is massively reduced. Especially since the colour is placed much closer to the root of your hair, which then of course takes longer to grow out.


How does it differ from other styles?

Balayage vs Ombre

The ombre style, like I said earlier, is more focused on the ends of your hair. Your natural root colour is kept much longer. The new colour applied is using foils to get a dark to light ombre effect. Since so much of the root is kept, it appears to grow out much faster, and less natural – so it requires more touch ups.

Balayage vs Traditional Highlights

Traditional highlights use foils to lighten the hair. The foils are used to precisely section the hair and apply lightener/bleach to specific sections. Traditional highlights provide a more intense lightening effect, but give a lot of dimension. They require a lot more touch ups than balayage.


Here’s some examples of balayage done by our amazing stylists at Serenity Loves in Peterborough!


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