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Beauty Treatments in Peterborough

In our Peterborough salon, we’re not all about haircuts, colours and styling. We offer a huge range of beauty treatments done by our amazing beautician Amanda that will help you get your sexy back.

What beauty treatments do you offer?


Are you bored of shaving all the time? We don’t blame you! Not to worry though, we offer plenty of options for fast and effective hair removal with our waxing treatments. Now you can be hair-free for longer, put away your razors for now, ladies & gents!


Threading is the perfect temporary solution for hair removal of any facial hair, particularly if you’re not keen on the idea of waxing the face! For precise, sharp brows or a facial hair clean-up, look no further than Serenity Loves.


Add definition to your face with eyebrow & eyelash tints. Amplify your luscious lashes and bolden up your brows with our tinting treatments. Lasting up to six weeks, you can wake up looking made up! Post-treatment is low maintenance too, what’s not to love?

Beauty Treatments at Serenity Loves
Beauty Treatments at Serenity Loves
Lash Lift in Peterborough


Every mother (or hard-working woman) deserves a massage, right? Here at Serenity Loves, we definitely believe that to be true, that’s why we offer a wide range of massages and relaxing treatments. Let us melt your stress away!


We’ve all been there, lacklustre skin in need of rejuvenation. Fortunately, our Dermalogica facial skin care treatments provide a skin pick me up. Whether you’re stuck for time or want a full pamper, we have a Dermalogica treatment for all!


Our beautician will look after all your manicure & pedicure requirements. Try our gel polish for long-lasting colour on hard-working hands, or a quick file & polish for those stuck for time! Treat yourself with our ‘deluxe’ treatments, ask our beautician for more info!

Beauty Treatments in Peterborough at Serenity Loves
Massages in Peterborough at Serenity Loves
Manicure in Peterborough Serenity Loves

Ear Piercing

Got an event to go to? Perhaps you’re going out with the girls? But what about your make-up… Serenity Loves to the rescue! We can glam you up ready to go, so you don’t have to worry about applying those fiddly falsies! Who knew glamour could be so affordable?

Occasion Makeup

Add some bling to your ears with ear piercing, now available at Serenity Loves! All ear piercing includes the earrings, practitioner piercing the ears, certificate, after care solution and take home instructions.

Express Beauty

Short on time but still want to get the look? Express Beauty is just for you! If you have an important date, night out with your friends or just want to look fabulous then try out our new Express Beauty menu. Beauty doesn’t have to take forever or cost the earth!

Are your beauty treatments just for women?

Absolutely not! At Serenity Loves our mission is to help everyone not only look great, but feel amazing, so all of our services are available for both men and women so you can all get your sexy back.

Serenity Loves prices for beauty treatments…

Our prices range depending on which beauty treatment you’d like. 

Waxing: £13 – £62

Mens Waxing: £30 – £55

Massage: £10 – £62

Facials: £10 – £60

Tinting: £14 – £27

Lashes: £35 – £65

Manicures and Pedicures: £12 – £45

Ear Piercing: £30 – £62

Feel free to check out our full price list for our beauty treatments and call 01733 687 835 to get yourself booked in!