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We offer men’s haircuts in our Peterborough salon!

Here at Serenity Loves in Peterborough, we want everyone to look amazing, so they feel amazing too! That’s why along with all our other services, we offer men’s haircuts in Peterborough.

As a hair and beauty salon, some people may think we’re just for women, but that’s not true! No one gets left out at our Peterborough salon, so from crew cuts to full shampoo and styling, there’s options for all you men looking to look and feel fresh with a new style.

So whether you’re looking for a new style, new colour or just a trim, our Peterborough salon has got you.

Mens Haircuts in Peterborough at Serenity loves

Our prices for men’s haircuts

With our pricing, we offer different costs for our different stylists, depending on their qualification level. We offer cuts from juniors, graduates, stylists, senior, and master stylists. Here are the prices:


Junior Stylists:

Shampoo, cut & finish – £22

Shampoo & cut – £19

Dry cut – £16


Graduate Stylists:

Shampoo, cut & finish – £25

Shampoo & cut – £22

Dry cut – £19



Shampoo, cut & finish – £28

Shampoo & cut – £25

Dry cut – £22


Senior Stylists:

Shampoo, cut & finish – £31

Shampoo & cut – £28

Dry cut – £25


Master Stylists:

Shampoo, cut & finish – £34

Shampoo & cut – £31

Dry cut – £28

Men's haircuts in Peterborough

Are haircuts your only services for men?

Not at all! You’re not limited to just getting your hair cut, we also offer hair colouring too! Fancy using a tanning bed? We’ve got you covered. Looking for a beauty treatment or a waxing session? Book with us! All of our services are available for both men and women.

How do I go about booking?

If you’d like to book with our Peterborough salon Serenity Loves, you can take a look at our services and price list here, then give us a call on 01733 687 835 and we’ll get you booked in! Or if you prefer, click here to use our online booking service.

We’ll see you there!

What else do you offer?

Well, besides the huge range of services we offer for men and women, we also have children’s haircuts available! For boys hair, we offer a shampoo and cut, dry cut, and a crew cut. So bring in the kids if they are due a trim. As for girls hair, we offer shampoo and blow-dry, dry cut, shampoo cut & blow-dry, shampoo & cut and a restyle.

Again, the prices are based on which stylist you book with! Be sure to check out our prices.

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