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Ear piercing can be a scary thing for young children and this is completely normal for their first piercing. At Serenity
Loves, we like to make everyone feel comfortable and safe.


Do hair salons do ear piercing?


Yes, you find that most salons do pierce ears. Most salons don’t highly advertise it, but it does tend
to be only the ear lobes that’s are pierced in salons. At Serenity loves, we only do lobe piercing also.
Some parents prefer to go to a salon to get their kids ear pierced instead of going to a piercing shop
or tattoo shop due to the atmosphere. Tattoo shops and piercing shops can seem quit harsh to a
small child, and with some places, choice in music can be quite off putting. At a salon, they are
used to seeing this environment as they have had their hair done before, and even sometimes at
Serenity Loves it can be their hair stylist that pierces their ears.


Is it safe and sanitary to get your ears done at a salon?


Yes! When having your ears done at Serenity Loves, we like to keep it as sanitary as possible. When
coming in for your appointment, you will most like be in the beauty room or in the childcare room
away from hair. Sometimes it will be the case where it will have to be done in the salon due to being
busy, but the chairs used are heavily wiped down and sanitised ready for the piercing. The stylist also
wears gloves and use hair clips to pin back the hair out the way, ready for the lobes to be pierced.


Is it expensive to get you ears pierced at Serenity loves?


We offer a few different choices with earrings. All at different prices to help you make the best
choice. We also use the brand STUDEX which are the best for sensitivity of tiny ears.


  • Stainless Steel
  • 9 carat gold
  • 18 carat gold

3-week solution

Stainless steel – from £30

9 carat gold – from £45

18 carat gold – from £55

6-week solution

Stainless steel – from £25

9 carat gold – from £35

18 carat gold – from £55


We also can offer dual piercing for an additional £10 so its over in one with 2 practitioners.


If you are wanting to book in for ear piercing, call 01733 6837835.

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