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Getting facials in Peterborough can be quite a pricey luxury, or anywhere in the UK, but at Serenity Loves we strive to make these types of services affordable.


What types of facials do we do?


At Serenity Loves, we have a variety of facials to benefit any skin type. All the facials we do in the salon are Dermalogica.


Face mapping skin analysis


Discover how to achieve healthy glowing skin with a complimentary in-depth analysis and your bespoke skin fitness plan. Discuss your key concerns and gain an insight on your skin. – FREE (bio surface peel skin test)


Skin solver


This 10 minute express seated treatment if our ticket to glowing skin in a flash. Let your professional skin therapist show your professional hacks that get you the max in healthy skin. Ideal if you are new to treatments, need a skin pick me up or prior to a special event. – £15


Pro-Skin 30


Our signature treatment on your time! Targeting your key concerns for maximum impact, this treatment is a firm favourite with those who have minimal time and want maximum results. – £30


Pro -Skin 60


The ultimate Dermalogica experience customised with advanced products, techniques and technology in sensorial environment made for relaxation. Completely personalised to your skin and different every time. – £45.


You can also add on…..

Dermalogica touch therapy- Increase your relaxation treatment by adding one of the following treatments onto your Dermalogica facial!

-Back Massage
-Scalp Massage
-Foot Massage
-Hand and Arm Massage
*these are only to be booked with a Dermalogica facial*


Why do we use Dermalogica as our skin care range?


Dermalogica is a brand of facials and skin care products made for salon use and home use. What is nice about having a facial with the Dermalogica products is that after the facial your beautician can recommend products for you to buy and to continue the treatment at home yourself with the simple to use products. The products also provide a wide range of skin care for any skin type, which the beautician can use to help find which product best suits your skin.


For more information on facial or if you would like to book in for them, call 01733 687835 or book
using our online system.

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