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Need a hair salon for blondes in Peterborough?

Are you searching for a hair salon that loves their blondes? Search no longer! At Serenity Loves we create so many different blondes day in, day out! We have a large team who love to get creative with blondes!

Different blonding services in Peterborough

Here at Serenity Loves we offer multiple blonding services, such as highlights, balayage, scalp bleach and many more. We have a wide colour range too, meaning there is plenty of blonde tones to choose from.

Will blonding ruin my hair?

We as a salon understand that it can be scary bleaching your hair. But have no fear, we care for you and your hair condition! We offer multiple treatments that you can add on to your blonding services to help project your hair and maintain its health. Our stylists ensure that they take all precautions when carrying out a blonding service, to make sure that service is right and safe for you!

How long does blonding take?

Blonding may take a few hours, particularly if we’re lifting your hair from a very dark colour or if you’ve used a lot of box dye in the past, so make sure you book in on a day where you’ve got enough time free!

How can I get booked in?

We offer a free consultation for any blonding services, along with a compulsory patch test to make sure you’re not allergic or reactive to anything – ensuring safety throughout! If you would like to get booked in at our Peterborough salon, give us a call on 01733 687835, or use our online booking system here.