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This question gets thrown around a lot when you are first starting out, whether you learn the hairdressing skill
straight from college or on a hands-on apprenticeship. There is no wrong way.

In this blog, we are hoping that we can help anyone wanting to make a change in career or maybe a
start in career, and maybe helping you make the decision whether a apprenticeship is you way to go,
or college.

So, what’s an Hairdressing Apprenticeship?

There is two ways you can do an apprenticeship, you can either sign up through a college as well as
having a placement in salon and do 4 days a week at the salon and one day a week at college. Here
at Serenity loves, we offer a full hands on apprenticeship where all training is done in salon, no
colleges days at all, but you do have an accessor come in a visit you and mark down everything you
are achieving and also do some hair assessments with you. Whereas if you were at college one day a
week you would find that most of your assessments are done in the college day and only a hand full
are done in salon.

You need to find what works best for you.

So, what happens at college?

Depending on what level you go into, will determine how many days you are in. Mainly one of the
days, a maybe more, will focus on theory work of hairdressing, and although people say hair ‘Hair
dressers aren’t that smart’ there’s a lot to know and remember about the hair, skin and science
behind hairdressing. Then you will be slowing introduced into the practical side. You will then,
depending on the college, use the college salon clients to do your assessments on or be asked to
bring in a model.

Maybe this would be the option for you?

What else is there to know?

You might find hairdressing at college an easier option if your straight out of school to help build up
confidence, maybe doing level 1 at college then doing your level 2+3 as an apprenticeship, but again
its entirely up to you. But some people however do find that they can go straight into an
apprenticeship from school as its nice to earn a bit of extra money (sometimes that’s a good catch for the youngsters, wanting to become more independent with their own money).

As for someone slightly older or wanting a career change, you may have to pay for you course at
college, but you don’t have to give up your job before, oh no, you can do evening courses. Which are
great if you have a family! Another idea if the apprenticeships, getting paid on the job. You will most
likely find starting a career again from scratch that you wage might not be what it was from another
job, but if it is something your passionate about then it does not matter.

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