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Why do we have hair loss? Why does our hair fall out daily? How can we prevent it? and what should
we do is it get worse? These are some of the questions we will be answering in this blog.

Why do we have hair loss?

We all naturally shed between 50 and 100 hairs a day! YES REALLY! and you probably notice this
most when you brush your hair, or even while in the shower when you wash it. Initially this may
cause you to panic but don’t stress, in some cases, hair loss is totally normal. Sometimes when hair
loss goes beyond the 50-100 mark this can be in response to outside factors or can thin over time as
we age.

Let see what those other factors are.


Sadly, hair loss can be result of is getting OLDER. Its just a natural thing our body does. it can also be
down the genes, maybe someone in the family suffers with hair loss and could be passed down to


You might have found, being a woman, when pregnant your hair gets all think and lovely, then as
soon as the baby is here BAM! GONE! Without even saying goodbye, but why? So, during Pregnancy
your oestrogen levels increase, and the life cycle of single hairs is extended. Once you have given
birth, oestrogen level falls again, ending the extended life of individual hairs. The hairs then fall out,
giving the impression of extra hair loss, but it is simply your hair returning to pre-pregnancy state.

Another thing that can cause thinning is Menopause. As Women go through the change, it can cause
an increase in hair shedding because of lower levels of female hormones.

Like us women don’t have it bad enough?


Stress is a major player. If you are worried that it is stress that is causing the loss of your hair,
please contact you GP as soon as possible to get your stress levels under control. From there they
can help you combat the side effects.

Hair damage and breakage can lead to hair loss.

Colouring your hair and bleaching your hair by a professional stylist is the safest way to do your hair
and wont cause any stress to your hair or scalp. However colouring your hair at home yourself and
the constant use of hair extensions have be known to have some terrible consequences, and could
result in hair loss.

Of course, not all hair extensions will cause this, especially professionally done, but if you
are using clips in daily, you can cause stress and tension on the areas that are constantly used for them.

Ask your hairdresser on how to put them in safely, with out causing too much tension.

And why not check out our other blog on ‘How to maintain healthy hair’.

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