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There’s not much better a lush locks, right!? In this blog, you will find all the top tips for keeping your hair healthy. These are things you can do from the comfort of your own home.


Tip 1. First step for healthy hair is being gentle on wet hair.

When your hair’s wet, the chances of damaging it are increased. I recommend that after showering and washing your hair, to pat it dry with a towel. DON’T rub it with the towel. Rubbing will cause more breakage. You also need to ensure you are using a brush suitable for wet hair. See our blog “Different types of hair brush and when to use”


Tip 2. Condition correctly and regularly

Conditioner should be used with every wash following on from shampooing. You should use the same brand of conditioner as the shampoo that you use, ensuring it fits your hair type. Conditioners are designed to lock in moisture in the hair shaft. It’s not created for the scalp, so you should start conditioning from mid length right down through to the ends.


Tip 3. Don’t use unnecessary heat on your hair

If you are just popping to the shop, or out for a few hours, try not to use heat on your hair. You don’t need to straight or curl your hair EVERY TIME you leave the house! Heat strips moisture from your hair and can leave it looking dry and frizzy. This is one of the main top tips for healthy hair. Avoid using heat when possible. When you are using heat, ensure that you use a heat protecting spray every time. 


Tip 4. Healthy diet means healthy hair!

To maintain healthy hair at home, a balanced diet is key. This means staying hydrated too! A healthy diet includes protein, vitamin C, iron, dairy, and the obvious fruit and veg. 

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