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Why is box dye bad for your hair?

Do you use box hair dyes at home? To save you time and money instead of going into a salon to get it done professionally? Although cheaper, it isn’t very good for your hair. But why?

What you might not know is that the majority of box hair dyes have maximum pigment and ammonia packed into them. This is so that most people’s hair will take to the colour. Where does the damage come in? The unnecessary amount of pigment and ammonia packed into the box will more than likely wreak and damage your hair. While a box dye might over process your hair, it can also under process someone else’s. This is the main reason why box hair dye is bad for your hair.


Everyone’s hair is different, which means you won’t need as much pigment as others! By going into a salon and getting it done by a professional, they will adjust the ingredients to what is suited for your hair. 

Another reason why it is bad for your hair is the colour on the box of hair dye you have purchased won’t always be the same as your end result. In some cases, to get the end result colour corrected, you may end up going into a salon and paying even more. 

When going into a salon to get your hair coloured, it isn’t just the end result you are paying for. You should take into account the service and professional products used to protect and maintain healthy hair. 

Along with the other points, the quality of your dye job will be much more professional and long lasting if done at the salon.

So to avoid damaging and ruining your hair, why not head down to Serenity Loves for your next hair colour!


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