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Dry shampoo is a product to help get you through another day without washing your hair, you can also use it to help style your hair. But first, how does it work?


Dry shampoo contains Starch and silica which simply absorbs oil in your hair that has built up on strands, leaving them grease free and refreshed. The most common thing you see with dry shampoo users are a whiteish root area, this is where you have used to much and it is excess starch. The best way to over come this problem is to spray your the product in, leaving it 5 minutes and then grab your hairdryer and just blast through your root area, blowing away the excess.


Another way you can use dry shampoo is to give you volume, or help you hold your back combing. When styling you hair for a night out, or an everyday look, before you add a slight bit of back combing, spray in some dry shampoo and it will help hold your back combing all night long.

What dry shampoo do we recommend?

Here at Serenity Loves, we recommend using the brand ‘Mode – Revive Me’. This refreshes the hair between washes, absorbs oil & leaves a soft touch natural finish. Revive me also adds texture and body to limp hair while working on
the oil & leaves no white residue.

How to use:

Shake the bottle before use, always take sections to apply to revive me, then spray the product on the most oily parts so it absorbs oil from the scalp. When spraying the product make sure you move your hand while doing so and hold it further away from your scalp, as if not you could end up with a white residue. Once sprayed you can use your fingers to rub it in so it absorbs quicker.

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