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At Serenity Loves we use Affinages Vitaplex, but we get many questions about what it is and what it does. So lets find out.

What is Vitaplex? 

Vitaplex is a treatment added to your colour and bleach to help protect your hair through the chemical developing process, minimising breakage, reducing cuticle damage & improving elasticity. In the salon we suggest that you start using the vitaplex treatment from the first time you have your hair coloured. It’s better to keep the hair healthy from day one! Rather than starting when your hair has lost 50% of it condition. 

So what does it do?

  • Rebuilds the hair’s natural structure.
  • Protects against damage & breakage during colouring & lightening.
  • Intensifies colour results & boosts lift.
  • Reduces cuticle damage.
  • Hair looks & feels significantly healthy.

How does it work?

When coming into salon for a colour, you will be asked if you would like to have an add on service which is called vitaplex for an additional £15. If you choose to go ahead with this service, your stylist will add VITAPLEX no1 into your colour and bleach (which ever product you will be having done). This will be in your colour while it is processing to protect your hair.

Then once the colour is all developed, we take you to the basin and wash you hair. But instead of using conditioner we use VITAPLEX no2, and we leave it on for 5-10mins. After this is your blowdry. When you’re all ready to leave the shop, we offer a VITAPLEX no3 to buy to take home for £18. This is similar to no2, but you do it yourself at home. You wash your hair as normal in the shower, then instead of conditioner, apply the all over your hair and leave it in for 10min or longer. Some clients we have sleep in it and wash it off in the morning, but it’s all up to you.


I hope this helps with the decision in whether to have VITAPLEX in the salon, but it is certainly recommended by all of us at Serenity Loves.


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