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What makes the service different from a barber?

Men’s hair cuts at Serenity Loves is vastly different to being in a barbers. Some men find a barbers is quite sport originated, always talking about football or other sport, whereas at a salon, mainly run by women, you are less likely to get that. The chat between stylist and clients then becomes more about general things and family. But you also have the option of not talking at all. 

Can hairdressers give men’s hair cuts? 

Yes, many hairdressers learn this as part of their training to become a hairdresser. We can either take a separate course to improve our skills. But we do have the skills to cut men’s hair. Unlike a many barber’s, having your hair cut in a salon does mean you have to pre book your appointment, which means you do not have to worry about sitting and waiting for hours. 

At Serenity Loves, we offer 4 different services.

Shampoo cut & finish – starting from £21   (this includes a wash, cut and style)

Shampoo & cut- £15    (this includes just a wash and cut)

Dry cut- £15    (Just a dry cut)

Crew cut – £8  (clippers all over)

But can men get their hair coloured?

We do offer colouring service for men. When wanting a colour we do suggest booking in for a free consultation with one of our stylist, which will determine what colour you are looking to go for, and make sure you are booking in for the right thing. This is also when you will receive a skin test. For more information on consultations, check out our consultation blog.

What other salon benefits is there when getting men’s hair cuts? 

At Serenity Loves we have free parking available for clients, right outside the salon.

We also offer tea, coffee, latte, cappuccino, herbal tea, Pepsi max, lemonade, Fanta, and hot chocolate. 

We have mini Biscoff biscuits, and humbugs for clients to help themselves. 

*due to the pandemic we are unable to offer food or drink*


For more information, call 01733 687835 to book in with our of our highly trained stylist, or click here to book online.

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