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What makes your children’s haircuts so nerve-wracking?

At Serenity Loves, we offer children’s haircuts in our Peterborough salon. Here’s some of the things we can do to make your children feel safe!

The number one reason your children’s hair cuts are so scary for them is FEAR!

What makes them scared of something that us adults find so relaxing?

How can we help them overcome their fears? How can we help them realise its not going to hurt them and that they’re safe?

Don’t forget we have our little yellow mini to help calm nerves!!

So why can this be a scary time for kids?

A child’s hair cut is quite scary, since having a stranger that they don’t know around their hair with sharp tools or noisy clippers can be daunting.  


Using the clippers is a quicker and safer alternative to scissors. Especially when it’s going around the sides and over the ears. The noise is what scares them. But by introducing clippers slowly, and by brushing the clippers against their hand, showing they don’t hurt, it eases their feeling towards them. We also prefer to use clippers with a child that really doesn’t enjoy having their haircut.

When the child is in distress and crying uncontrollably, we find clippers are quick enough to get the hair cut with as little tears as possible. We are always happy to help hold them with you. If they would like a biscuit or lolly to help calm their nerves, we provide them too!


Using scissors is a quieter method of cutting kids’ hair and they don’t tend to be so scared of them. Whereas scissors are more commonly used on girls and the top of a boys cut, we are able to complete a boys cut with just scissors. However, going around the ears is tricky and would need them to sit still. Again, we have biscuits and lollies to help calm the nerves.

How can we prepare for your children’s haircuts in our Peterborough salon?

It’s important we help them realise that they’re safe, and a haircut is not going to hurt them in any way.

At Serenity Loves we have done many children’s haircuts and have seem our fair share of reactions:

Ones that have cried. 

Some that have refused. 

Ones that are happy see to us. 

So over the years we have found that when you stick with the same hairdresser, kids are more likely to be calmer whilst getting their hair cut each time. When they’re comfortable with us or familiar with us it take the attention away for what we are doing. They ignore us like were are not there. With them not noticing, we can carry out the haircut at a faster pace – which helps the children realise it didn’t hurt at all.

We give out lollies, biscuits and stickers after the service. Sometimes during the service too, to help keep there mind off what we are doing. It is also appreciated when mums or dads let them watch something on there phone, which also keeps them distracted. 

We do suggest to boys that they should brush their hair when at home. This helps gets them used to us doing it with our comb. If they can, getting dad to take them to the barber/hairdressers may help them see that there is nothing to be afraid of.  

I hope this helps you with your nerves,  and for more information contact us on 01733 687835

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